Why use CD Pool?

CD Pool delivers the best new releases to our DJ members. Whether you’re an independent label, a major or an unsigned artist, we’ll help break your track.

All the tracks we feature are professionally mastered, packaged and delivered to our DJs to the highest possible standard. 

Here's what the industry has to say: 

"I’ve been using CD Pool as a promo tool for my label releases for many years, they’re great to deal with and it’s always nice to see my releases sharing a CD with loads of world class artists and top labels each month."

Nick Hook (Jeepers! Music)

"We really enjoy working with CD Pool, their packs are always really well-curated which helps us get our releases to the DJs that play them."

Glasgow Underground

"CD Pool is an amazing service which reaches key DJ’s across the world and is always a fundamental part of my promo campaigns."

DJ S.K.T (Stashed/Uptempo/Kiss FM)

"I’ve worked with CD Pool for many years and they are quick to pick on the freshest new music, they contribute massively to our promo campaigns by insuring our releases reach the right DJs."

Andy L (beat1/Ice Cream Records)

"With so much noise out there, the focused curation on CD Pool can often highlight records missed elsewhere."

Richard Earnshaw (Duffnote/Guess Records)