How to use the new CD Pool

"Handy Guide" to the new CD Pool Website

Welcome back DJs, 

There are many new changes on the website and for many of you, we thought a helpful guidebook was needed to help guide you through the various parts including old things, new things and coming soon.

1) Logging In

For all our returning DJs we have migrated your accounts so you'll be able to log-in using the same details you've always done. This currently consists of:

  • Email
  • CDP Customer Number (Password)

2) Dashboard

Accessible as soon as you log-in (or navigate to via the account menu).

The dashboard is our member's landing page for their accounts and it features a few new things: 

  • User Notifications - Sit in the top left of the dashboard & provide useful account info if available.

  • Member Charts - Charts so you can keep up with performance of the latest & hottest tracks.

  • Social Media Links - Easy access to engage with us on our social media. platforms.

  • My Music Portal Link - Quick and easy access to your music and downloads.

  • Featured Products - So you never miss any of the newest product releases from us.

  • News Feed - The latest industry news, so you're never left in the dark.

  • What's Hot - Our most popular tracks added to CDP that you can preview & get familiar. 

3) My Music

The main course & primary focus for most of our DJs.

The 'My Music' page is where you'll find all your purchased content and new tracks.

The top section titled 'Subscriptions' will display a combined list of the latest releases from all your subscriptions.

If tracks have been added to your subscription since your last login date then new tracks will be marked with a "New" badge so you can easily distinguish your newest releases to download.

Within this 'Subscriptions' section you will have some filter tools: 

  • Filter Product - Filter tracks based on their parent product
  • Date Select Filter - Find tracks released within a specific time period. 

Ticking the track checkboxes on the tracks will enable you to select what you want to download. Options for MP3 or Lossless (for those that have upgraded) will appear at the top and you will then be able to initiate your custom download.

One-off purchases such as back-catalogue will appear in a separate drop-down container beneath your 'latest releases' section. Here you'll be able to download this digital content in much the same way, the only difference is that the content in these products is static so don't expect to find any new tracks added to these as they are 'completed' products.

3) Billing Details

While not the most glamorous of new features we've spent a lot of time creating tools to help you better manage your subscriptions and payments with the goal of streamlining the more boring parts of being a DJ.

Like most of the other sections the 'Billing Details' page is accessible from the account menu present in the navigation header of every page.

  • Payment Method - Update your card details or change method

  • Billing Interval - Upgrade to Quarterly or Annual payments and save some money

  • Subscriptions - Displays your active subscription products 

  • Purchases - Generic account stats (Likely to be updated with more useful info)

  • Bills - Dynamic Invoice History for your accounting needs.

4) Account Details

The 'account details' page is a standard no-frills user details page.

  • Account Details - Shows the email, id, name and register date for the owner of the CDP account

  • Address - Your physical address used for delivery of any physical products like CDs & USBs

5) Subscription Products Logic

We will now add tracks to your member area, for the products that you are subscribed, as soon as we are able to legally do so. This means that eager DJs can grab new releases faster. If you liked our previous 'compilation' style release tempo then you can still continue to login and download your tracks in larger batches at your convenience.

Your subscription fee will cover all new tracks released throughout your chosen billing interval (monthly, quarterly, annually) and will continue for as long as your subscription is renewed. Label releases generally coincide with Friday, so expect to get content bursts around this day with the occasional release in the early/mid week.

We now give all our active members a special 'member's price' on all subscription products. This reduced price is applied as standard for anyone logged in already with an active subscription product.

MP3 is now standard on all subscriptions, for our legacy CD Only members we're honouring your old subscription prices, only now you'll have access to try out MP3 downloads (not that you wanted to anyway!)

Our CD format delivery remains largely unchanged. The best tracks from each month will still be selected for inclusion on the CD to be posted to you at the start of each month however because this media is still limited to 78mins per disc you may find that any surplus tracks that cannot fit will remain accessible by digital formats only. 

Rest assured our experienced Label Managers will make sure we always get the best releases on the CDs.